Work that are related to cycles of parquet

Paul, which is made with natural materials, can last a lot longer if you conduct proper care for it. The long service life of the parquet will lead to the fact that certain scratches will appear on its surface, which will greatly affect the appearance. The initial shine may also be lost. In many cases, parquet can be sigred. In order to prevent significant damage to parquet coatings, you need to do restoration work of coating every five years. They take a little time, but the result will be excellent and it will save both time and money.

The cycling process of parquet should be done in several stages. First, the floor surface is processed, performing rough grinding. From the parquet, or rather from its area, you should remove the thin upper layers of the varnish. You also need to remove the dirt. Moreover, if the floors are uneven, then they should also be eliminated. Parquet, after serious mechanical processing, will become much brighter.

Depending on the circumstances, how great the damage is, certain work on the restoration of. If the degree of damage is very high, then deep grinding should be done.

A drum machine is used for cycles of parquet material, a flat -grinding machine is also used, it perfectly removes the upper layers, spoiled or faded varnish. Many irregularities are eliminated with such machines. There are small nuances at work. At the corners, the car will not be able to polish the surface. In this case, the master should be sanded with his hands.

If the parquet has high damage, then there are parts in it that move, they need to glue high quality with high -quality glue before performing grinding works. You also need to put all the cracks and remove the pollution and extra traces of putty.

After the release of the parquet from varnish and dirt, work begins to eliminate ordinary cracks. To do this, use putty, which is laid with an even layer on the surface with a crack. In this case, the cracks will practically not be visible.

After the putty dries, it is necessary to remove dust and different pollution from the floor. Next, you need to carry out the final stage of restoration work.

After that, the master must apply the first layers of varnish and let it dry a little. After that, the varnish is applied with the second layer. Depending on what condition the parquet has and its purpose, you can varnish in three or four layers.

The quality of work on the restoration of parquet depends on the quality of the material itself. The tool used also plays the role.

Parquet cycles is carried out constantly, frequency of about once every five years. Such a parquet care is protected from serious damage. This applies to drying, chips and different dents.

The term for carrying out cycles depends on the work and its volume. Also from the degree of damage. Usually, masters can say more accurately the time of completion of their work.