Wooden structures: Features of use

Wooden material has been constantly used in construction for several centuries in a row. In the past, people had practically no other alternative, today everyone can afford stone, iron, and even reinforced concrete structures, but many still prefer a tree.

It is unlikely that this should be surprised, because any person who had the opportunity to compare his sensations from staying in a stone house or wooden, can easily noted that in the latter he feels much more comfortable. In addition to the main functional properties, the tree significantly affects the human psyche, calming it and giving the very “feeling of the house”, which many are now so missing.

Cons and advantages that should be considered during wood construction

It should be noted that almost all wooden materials can be conditionally divided into two categories. The former are made of a solid piece of wood processed according to the relevant rules. The second – glue or are connected from the components of parts. Both the first and the latter have their disadvantages and advantages:

Glued beams are made using the connection of various bars in the necessary form. The total length can be up to sixty meters, which is great for the construction of complex structures in trading halls, public premises and large country houses.

Escalled logs are perfect for the construction of Russian traditional buildings: log huts, suburban houses imitating huts, and so on.

Disadvantages, as a rule, are easily eliminated due to the correct and reasonable approach to construction. It is also easily possible to combine logs and the beams glued in order to achieve the maximum effect.

To date, the production of a gallected log is one of the cheapest, therefore an economical version of building from such a material is exactly what you need. The cost of glued bars is slightly higher, but they fit into any form. Residents of regions with increased woodwork can reduce construction costs, because in this way it will not have to be paid transportation, which often occupy the lion’s share of all costs. Wood is one of the best materials for the construction of any buildings and premises, especially with its rational use.