What type of cladding to choose?

Now, it is more convenient to use decorative-base structures and fasteners, and not ordinary finishing materials for the outer sides of the buildings. The latest construction technologies give wide opportunities not only to install thermal insulation systems, but also to leave some airspace between the heat -insulating and facing layers. This technique helps quickly remove moisture accumulation from the walls.

In order not to worry about the features of the operation of the facades of buildings for a long period of time, you should think about using siding as an outer lining. This building material is a strip up to six meters long. Most often, siding has a profile of the “Christmas tree” or “ship board”.

As for the second profile, this is the type of imitation of the boards of large thickness, and the first is wooden panels, which are engaged in the “overlap” with each other. Also, often builders use steel siding, as well as wooden, vinyl, aluminum, and finally, fiber-cement. Choose a certain type of material according to the individual characteristics of each building repair project.