What material to choose for building a house?

Recently, more and more people have chosen suburban real estate, especially compared to apartments in large houses, dust, noisy neighbors, exhaust gases of cars and other living conditions in a big city. But at the same time, each developer is primarily thinking deeply – and from which material to build a house? With a huge assortment of the construction market, making a choice is not so easy. Both centuries -old stone, brick, wood, and the latest modern materials – aerated concrete and foam concrete, frame technology are approximately the same. Let’s try to compare, for example, foam concrete and profiled beams – these materials are now becoming especially popular.

Positive aspects of building a house from a profiled timber: – environmental friendliness and microclimate. In terms of environmental friendliness, the tree exceeds all other building materials. In such a house it always breathes easily, it is not too stuffy or wet there. – High strength – special impregnations protect the wood from the harmful effects of moisture and insects, and anti -control additives in the primer will retain the structure of wood even in the cold season. – the disadvantages of the profiled timber, when compared with foam concrete, are: lower fire resistance, from which the tree is treated with special substances – anti -piren and long construction periods. Due to the exposure of shrinkage after the construction of the walls, you need to wait at least a year.

Let us now consider the strengths of foam concrete houses: – low thermal conductivity, almost not inferior to wood and clearly superior brick, which helps to save on heating and construction insulation of the house. Properly made primer of deep penetration increases thermal insulation. – soundproofing qualities. Foam concrete perfectly absorbs any vibrations of sound, which allows you to easily maintain soundproofing norms in the room. – moisture resistance and fire resistance. Foam concrete blocks are characterized by an almost complete absence of open pores, moisture does not penetrate through them and they are not susceptible to burning.

The disadvantages of foam concrete can be called fragility and insufficient strength, and the need for outdoor surface decoration. As you can see, and foam concrete and profiled beams have their strengths and weaknesses. Decide which factors are more important for you, and make your choice.