What is the repair of the office?

Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the situation when the recently made repair of the office premises requires updating. Why most often a special team of workers is hired

It seems that you have not been repairs of your office not so long ago, and he again needs some places in “repairing”. This situation is familiar to many entrepreneurs. Let’s take into account that repair is an expensive matter. If you do not have extra money, then the bank may offer a loan application for repairs. With the help of borrowed funds, you will produce it in a short time. External repair consists in the repair of the facade.

Internal repair covers the repair of office premises. Most often in the office they change the floor. Usually on the floor lies a parquet or laminate. To replace it, it is necessary to open it, re -make a screed of the floor, then put the leveling layer. And on top are the parquet or laminate boards. For the office, it is usually chosen the highest strength, since there is great cross -country ability, everyone goes to shoes, women in heels. If scratches appear over time, they can be wiped with a special laminate grout, choosing it to match what is already lying. The stores present a large selection of its shades. The harder you will relate to the coating, the longer it will last. If you hire a professional crew of finishes, the repair will be completed in a short time