What is it to be a father. Male fears and stereotypes

The life of a man is easily divided into “before” and “after” only with the phrase: “Dear, you will probably become a father”!

It was in these words that the light decided to please her boyfriend, but instead of glee, she met a number of confused questions: “How did it happen?”,” Yes, it seems I have not planned to be a father yet!”And” You are sure of this?”. Svetlana timidly justified it for a long time that the exact diagnosis has not yet been set up today, she just goes to the doctor, but the joyful smile left her face and tears treacherously trembled on her eyelashes. Her boyfriend felt at that moment a real insensitive cattle, but did not manage to find suitable words, so he quickly gathered and went to work.

Svetlana can be understood, but the behavior of her boyfriend is understandable. Max really loved the girl and had nothing against the children in principle, moreover, he planned that he would once be a father, but the couple did not put forward any specific ideas for the future, especially since he was not talking about marriage yet. And Maxim had absolutely no idea about young children, because it was only dealing with his nephew, whom he once almost dropped at a three-month age.

Naturally, Max began to discuss this topic at work and his colleague, the father of the twins immediately shared his experience with him. His story resembled a “sketch in crimson tones” Conan Doyle that at the beginning of the future dad is awaiting a terrible period of pregnancy, during which it will be necessary to put up with the insanity of his half, the differences in its mood and toxicosis. Then he described in black paints how to rush about in search of a good clinic and “his” doctor, and in the worst case even attending birth. “And when the child is brought to the family nest, you will have to forget about sleep and rest, it is spent exclusively on diapers and other household items, and the most terrible thing is to change the status of a beloved man to an assistant and a minister,” Igor graduated from his tirade and appropriate.

Hearing this, Max was simply “killed” on the spot, but Artem, a 40-year-old family man with two children behind him, thought on the contrary. He told Max that being a father is simply wonderful that no material benefits bring as much happiness and joy as the first word of the favorite child. Artem smiled so contagiously and radiated true love, telling about his children that it was impossible not to believe him ..

Max went home in a joyful mood, building the most rainbow plans for the future and carrying a bouquet of roses and a bag with fruits, juices, yogurts as a gift. But, Svetlana indifferently accepted all the gifts and coldly said: “Everything is fine, Max! I said that it was too early to worry, the delay caused a cold, so you may not be nervous!”. She did not kiss Max, as usual, and did not say a single warm word, but, probably, she can be understood and forgiven ..