What is immunity

What is immunity? This is the body’s natural ability to resist viruses and bacteria that comes to us from outside. Our body has several protective lines. First of all, this is our skin – an insurmountable barrier for most bacteria, including causing intestinal diseases. The cleaner the skin, the less chance of bacteria to get inside the body. The next protective barrier is the mucous membranes of the nose, mouth, intestines. Microorganisms inhabiting them mercilessly destroy the aliens. In addition, the role of the immune barrier is played by nervous, endocrine, blood and other systems. If the causative agent of the disease enters the blood, white blood cells (lymphocytes) destroy it. This phenomenon is called phagocytosis. Varieties of immunity in this way, immunity is a wonderful comprehensive protection. But if immunity is weakened and cannot prevent the penetration of pathogens and bacteria, the body also suffers, as a rule, comprehensively. General fatigue, apathy, headaches, frequent colds – this is how it signals the need to urgently increase immunity. Locally a decrease in immunity can manifest itself with dry skin or inflammation of the mucous membranes. Immunity is “active” and “passive”. As an illustration to the first case, you can cite breastfeeding – the child, along with the mother’s milk, receives a lot of useful substances, including antibodies. “Passive” immunity appears when the body is ill with a certain disease and receives for the future resistance to its pathogens. Prophylactic vaccinations can be given as an example. Vaccinations were a real panacea for mankind in the fight against such terrible diseases as tuberculosis, diphtheria or poliomyelitis. The first vaccination was carried out in 1881. French scientist Louis Pasteur. Until today, competent vaccination is one of the key bricks in a durable building called “Immunity”. What factors cause harm to immunity in modern life a lot of factors that harm the immunity and, as a result, human health. This is a bad ecology (the air we breathe, the food that we eat), and constant stress, psychological stress. People in large cities with a quick and tense rhythm of life, with contaminated air and a deficiency of healthy food, are especially suffering. The very first usually gives a nervous system – hence the irritability, nervous breakdowns, fatigue, indifference, a feeling of “squirrel in the wheel”. If at the first signs of immunity violations to take measures, a person often begins to get colds, he may have a smoke in muscles and joints or subfebrile temperature (when for a long time the body temperature does not drop below 37 degrees). In the absence of timely therapeutic measures, these symptoms threaten to go into chronic diseases, and even to oncology. Therefore, it is extremely important to listen to your body, not to drown out alarming calls, but to start measures to increase immunity and comprehensive improvement of the whole organism. How to become the owner of strong immunity as indicated above, the main reason for the weakening of immunity is chronic stress. Alas, this factor is unlikely to be able to completely exclude this factor from our life. And if something fails to overcome, then you need to change the attitude to this. In other words, try not to be nervous by trifles, pay more attention to positive moments in life. The next important point is physical activity. It is not necessary to be an athlete and run hundred meters in the morning, the main thing is the regularity. It is enough to climb a couple of times up the stairs, walk to work and back, do easy charging in the morning to maintain the body in good shape. A healthy lifestyle is inseparable from a healthy diet. Protein foods, fats and unsaturated fatty acids, trace elements and vitamins must be present in the diet. No less important for maintaining the body in the form of a healthy full sleep. It is advisable for men to sleep at least 7 hours a day, women – at least 8. Scientists have proved that immunity, first of all, depends on the correct lifestyle, and already in the second – on the ecology, the presence of vaccinations, hereditary diseases, etc. D. Thus, with complete confidence, it can be stated that human health is in his hands.