What is a stucco station?

This is a special installation, which is intended for constant preparation of solutions and mixtures for plastering, as well as to apply them to the prepared surface. The advantages of using automated work are obvious instead of human. Firstly, the work is carried out many times better, and secondly, faster.

The machine deprived of the human factor does not get tired and performs programmed actions.

Result: quickly completed work with impeccable quality. It is not necessary to buy such a device, often a plaster station is rented from construction organizations.

The principle of operation of the plastering station

Of course, plaster machines differ in models, which means that their action may differ, but the main principle is preserved. Dry mixture manually falls asleep into a special loading bunker, from where it is fed into the mixing chamber. At the same time, water is also supplied to the chamber. Its dosage occurs in the water reinforcement of the machine.

In the mixing chamber using the so -called snail connected to the pump rotor, mixing is directly. Then the mixture enters the pump, which provides pressure in which mixing occurs.

From there, the finished mixture is fed to the gun. You can start or stop the car using a special air crane, which is placed immediately on the gun.