Weight gain during pregnancy

During pregnancy in the woman’s body, many changes occurs, which excite her as a future mother. But as a woman most of all, she is worried about weight gain during pregnancy. What weight gain during pregnancy is considered optimal? This figure depends on many factors and for different pregnant women is from 7 to 16 kg.

What exactly the weight gain during pregnancy awaits you directly depends on how much you weighed before its onset. Girls suffering from a lack of mass, during the gestation of the child must catch up. After all, all the most valuable that supports pregnancy and the child is formed from subcutaneous fat – this is hormones and breast milk. Weight gain during pregnancy in girls with magnificent forms is usually slightly lower than normal.

At the very beginning of the long 40 weeks of the expectant mother, it is difficult to imagine how she will weigh 13 kg more. Does not fit in the head where these reserves will be placed and how quickly they will leave.

The weight gain during pregnancy is folded from the mass of the fetus, children’s place (placenta), amniotic fluid, breast poured, additional blood volume, additional volume of lymph and fat reserves.

The future baby takes on the main load. The weight gain during pregnancy at the end of its period for a quarter consists of fetal weight. During its development, a tiny embryo develops from 2 mm to 2, 6-5 kg ​​before birth.

The uterus in this process is involved no less actively. Its share has its own weight gain during pregnancy. If, before the zygote implantation, it weighed 50-100 g, then by the end of the bearing the uterus increases by 500 times and weighs more than a kilogram. The secret to determine the deadline: the number of weeks corresponds to the height of the uterine standing in centimeters.

The weight gain during pregnancy can be more or less depending on how much liquid will be in an amniotic bubble. These are amniotic fluid and their amount at the time of birth is about 800 ml. This figure is characteristic of normal pregnancy without complications and overstraining. Weight gain during pregnancy increases significantly with multi -guide. And the laying out usually causes a decrease in the volume of amniotic bubble.

Each pregnant, worried, whether its weight gain corresponds to the norm during pregnancy, a simple test may pass. Its purpose is to determine the body mass index – IMT. It is calculated as follows: the weight before pregnancy is divided into a square of growth in meters.

If the result is below 20, you have to get the missing body weight with excess. Your normal weight gain during pregnancy will be from 13 to 16 kg.

The figure of the index is between 20 and 27? You have the perfect weight, and the perfect weight gain during pregnancy will be from 10 to 14 kg.

But the future mothers with overweight are better to keep themselves in their hands and do not lean on sweets. Theoretically, weight gain during pregnancy of this category is minimal by itself-7-9 kg. But you should not risk. Unfortunately, full people often suffer from problems with blood vessels and metabolism, and this leads to a delay in fluid and edema – and then weight gain during pregnancy can go beyond all permissible limits.