We travel by car. From St. Petersburg to Moscow and even further

Distant countries attracted people of restless and active always. This is probably why the onset of the era of great geographical discoveries became possible. But even in our time the craving for a change of places does not weaken in many. It would seem that now? After all, all the lands have long been open and have been explored many times – in all details and from a variety of points of view. Climate features, plant and animal world, ethnography, culture, geology and much more have become the property of the entire progressively thinking public, including just an interested public.

It would seem – what could be easier? Sit in the library, read books and popular science magazines or wandering on the vast expanses of the Internet-and you will know about distant countries. Nevertheless, something makes you buy tours, book hotels or cook your faithful Renault Sando for a long journey on your own.

That it is, if not a craving for a change of places and the situation, but most importantly – to new discoveries? After all, discoveries do not have to do at all for science or history. Just for yourself. As a matter of fact, this is what distinguishes people seeking and creative. But the discoveries made by them for themselves can be extremely interesting to other people, therefore, with such pleasure, they read memories of travel and travel on tourist sites. Therefore, the famous “Walking for the Three Seas” by Nikitin and “Journey to Europe” by Orbeliani are still asked in libraries and bookstores.

But why are traveling to their own Kia so attractive that many motorists do not recognize trains and aircraft for themselves? The first advantage of car tourism is in its accessibility in the sense of expenses. No need to buy expensive tours or flights, and you can stop at night in the cheapest motels and campsites. There are people who simply put a tent somewhere near the road or even spend the night in the car.

But the main thing is complete freedom of movement and independence from time (within the framework of vacation, of course). Maybe there is one thing in the program of the purchased tour, but it is interested in completely different. Suddenly, during the planned stay in Salzburg, in the homeland of Mozart, you will want to go to Carinthia and visit the resort of Felden? This is quite possible if the faithful Mazda Moscow can also be a goal of traveling a car traveler living, say, in Irkutsk. Or the St. Petersburg will want to go to Baikal on their cars.

His own car, if it is well -groomed and completely healthy, is quite capable of serving an excellent tool for his own great geographical discoveries. You just need to trust him. And your feelings and desires.