We paint the interior doors

If you make repairs and you need to paint the old windows and doors in the house (apartment), since they are still in good condition, they need to be painted with high quality. Before painting, the door needs to be prepared. That is, thoroughly clean the surface of the exfoliating old paint, then putty and primed it. The putty masks irregularities and defects on the door surface

For different types of doors, staining is carried out somewhat different. So, when working with a smooth door, a brush or roller is used. Filenching door is better stained with a brush. If you need to apply paint on the door in several layers, then the last layer is applied vertically. Platbands, boxes and sidewalls are painted first with a handbrake. Also vertically, along the door. In general, painting work is possible at any time of the year. But most conveniently, of course, in the summer – warm, you can ventilate the room, opening the doors and windows. When staining the front door before the start of work, it is better to remove them from the hinges. After their end – put back. Of course, if this is not possible, you should leave the door after staining for several hours in an open form so that the paint dries faster and its smell disappears. Sometimes you look at the photos of our, and foreign stars and you wonder how they change for the better. This plastic surgery works just miracles. You can make your nose and lips, fat bite. That’s why they all look good. Particularly noticeable surgical intervention of old age.