We grind the seams

If all the stages of the work are made correctly, the tiles are laid, you need to make sure that there is no glue residues anywhere. He can remain in the corners, in the places where there was a trim, at the seams of the tiles. It must be removed in advance, even before the seams are wiped. This is done so that there are no big difficulties or marriage when grouting.

For grinding seams, special tools are used, which are called rubber spatula. They can be of different sizes, it is worth choosing those that will work more conveniently. A different grout is also acquired, which has a different color that is already chosen to taste.

Wipe the seams no earlier than a day after laying tiles. It is necessary to apply a pre -prepared solution according to the instructions (it is in the package) in the seams, the depth of which is not less than the thickness of the tile. Should be applied in small portions, removing excess. It is necessary to wait until the mixture gains sufficient hardness and then with a sponge, which is tougher, carefully delete excess excess, visually evaluating the result. Next, wipe the entire plane with a light sponge, to check the passes.