We equip a small -sized apartment on our own

The dream of many inhabitants of our state is to have a large spacious apartment, where it would be possible to make an ultra modern design, to realize all your fantasies. But, dreams of dreams, and not many have housing.

We have to rejoice if a person has a small small -sized apartment. And he hardly tries to bring her into normal state, to come up with a repair in her.

You need to be able to use design techniques in order to visually increase, or at least not reduce the space. To do this, you also need to choose a special furniture, you can call it a compact.

Physically increasing the space of the apartment will not work, but it is possible to do this visually. For this, firstly, you will need to use the colors correctly. Light shades and tones visually increase the space. Dark tones, on the contrary, make smaller rooms. Also do not forget about light and texture. Mirrors or mirror surfaces reflect the light well, and because of this they visually increase the space.

You can use a glossy ceiling, it also quite greatly increases the space. Do not forget about the right lighting, it will also help make the room more spacious.

Lamps that you put additionally create additional coziness and comfort in the room. Do not forget about such a rule that the furniture conceals the space, that is, the smaller the furniture, the more space, both visual and real.

Cupil -wardrobe is a great option for small -sized apartments. You should put only those furniture items that are really necessary and important. And those that you just want to put you will have to remove. A wardrobe can fit a lot of the necessary things, it has a huge space inside, while it does not clutter up the space.

For a living room or bedroom, you can choose a fashionable corner sofa, or modular upholstered furniture, this will also help reduce the clutter, and increase the free.