Ways to decorate the premises

Finishing work, this is perhaps the most important part of the repair of any room, because, it is, the appearance of your house depends on them. The first stage of the decoration of the room is to align the surfaces of the walls and ceiling, because by removing the old finish, you can see what uneven walls you have and the ceiling leaves much to be desired.

The basis of any ceiling is concrete slabs or wooden floors, and often cracks appear in the places of joints of the plates that are hard to remove. If you have a small apartment, low ceiling height, you will have to work with plaster and putty. You need a dry stucco mixture, it is very convenient that you do not waste time to cook it with your own hands, since the work is already quite time -consuming.

Plastering walls and ceiling, smoothing more visible flaws and bumps. Then we bring the surface to the ideal using a putty, and only then we proceed to the wrestle of the wallpaper and paint the ceiling.

For large apartments, with a high ceiling, the surface can be leveled with drywall, which in a short time will make the walls and ceiling ideal and you will quickly and efficiently make an apartment renovation.