Wax hair removal of the house

Although, it is believed that waxing at home is a rather risky business, more and more women are inclined to carry out this procedure. So, what you need to know, so that your wax hair removal at home is successful.

First, let’s try to figure out what can be dangerous at home in order to avoid this in the future. Unfortunately, burns from wax, skin irritation and hair survey are not so rare. Therefore, since you have to wax hair hair removal – prepare thoroughly and stock up on special creams and lotions.

The wax hair removal of the house will pass more successfully if you use special strips. This will prevent burns and spraying. For the prevention of growth, carry out regular peeling and massage. In any case, it is necessary to apply wax in the growth of the bristles, and to tear off against. The use of lotion and powder will reduce irritation and reduce the risk of pore inflammation.

There are many special tools with which waxing at home will leave your skin smooth and silky for a long time. These include softening and slowing growth creams, lotions and serums. Of course, if the procedure is carried out for the first time, you will need a lot of patience and caution. You will need a few AZs to gain experience but you will be confident in the hygiene of the procedure and the one -time use of wax.

The largest minus that has wax hair removal is its soreness. In addition, it has a number of contraindications: varicose veins, diabetes, papillomas and voluminous moles in the epilized area, pregnancy. For girls with sensitive skin, you can recommend a more expensive, but less irritable way – cold vaxing.

Wax hair removal begins with preparation. The day before the procedure, do peeling of the epilized site. In half an hour, take a warm bath by steaming the skin. Wipe the skin with a lotion, you will not only disinfect this, but also degrease it.

Prepare a workplace with a water bath for a container with wax, a shovel, stripes. Apply wax evenly, along hair growth, in small areas. After application, tear off the strip sharply against hair growth and parallel to the skin. This is very important so that the wax hair removal of the house passes quickly and painlessly.

The remaining wax in the first minutes can be washed off with water or oil upon completion of the entire procedure. If you plan to apply a tool for slowing hair growth, do this after hair removal before applying oil.