Wallpaper in the children’s room

As a rule, the repair and stylization of the children’s room begins precisely with the sticker of decorative wallpaper, which can not only decorate the room, but also allow your child not to miss your absence. Do not forget that the wallpaper in the children’s room should not only endow the room with comfort and mental warmth, but also be safe for your child – various chemicals should not include the wallpaper that can negatively affect your baby’s health – remember this when buying wallpaper for the nursery.

Most often, the following varieties of wallpaper are used in the nursery: paper, textile, glass wallpaper, vinyl and liquid – this is explained by a rather small cost and high decorative characteristics of these finishing materials. According to children’s psychologists and decorators of premises, you should not use in children’s wallpaper with excessively bright and aggressive colors and drawings, which can negatively affect your child’s psyche.

For the nursery, it is recommended to select thematic wallpapers that reflect and correspond to the interests of your baby – decorate with children’s wallpaper on the topic of astronomy, cars, fabulous and animated heroes, plants, etc. D. According to psychologists, thematic wallpaper in the nursery can not only positively affect the child’s sleep and appetite, but also reveal creative abilities from him.

You have chosen wallpapers, now you need to stick them correctly. The technology of gluing wallpaper in the children’s room is especially no different from gluing in other rooms, although it is worth noting that this work should be done with special care and accuracy, because you do this for your most beloved man.

At the beginning of the work, remove the old wallpapers and clean the walls well, then make a primer and putting the walls of the room – so you will achieve perfect smooth walls. After putting putty, wait for some time sufficient for the final hardening of putty, and slowly proceed to the direct sticker of the wallpaper.

The adhesive composition for gluing wallpaper in the children’s room should be selected carefully, with the absence of any toxic elements and substances. There is such glue, of course, not as cheap as an ordinary adhesive composition for wallpaper, but you do not need to save on the health of your child. Spread the wallpaper on the floor and carefully (using a brush or roller) apply a thin layer of glue to a roll, after which it must be applied to the wall (this may need the help of the second person), after which draw a dry rag on the sheet to get rid of the folds and achieve a tight fit of wallpaper to the wall. By this principle, glue the entire nursery, cut the excess wallpaper, leave to ventilate the room for several hours.