Wall decoration in the kitchen

When repairing the kitchen, it is necessary to pay special attention to wall decoration in this room, or rather, the choice of high -quality and practical material for finishing. The kitchen is a specific room, which is characterized by high humidity and level of evaporation, as a result of which finishing materials should have reliable protection against adverse external factors. Moreover, it should be borne in mind that the wall covering of the kitchen often requires wet cleaning and should be painlessly tolerate its consequences, which not all materials cope with.

The most common material for finishing the walls of the kitchen is precisely the tile, which perfectly copes with all the adverse external influences inherent in this room. In addition, tiles are of various colors and patterns, so you will not have much difficulty to choose the perfect option. In addition to the tile, it is customary to finish the walls of the kitchen with vinyl wallpaper or woven -based wallpaper, which have increased moisture -resistant characteristics. Do not forget about the paint – of course, it will not give special decorativeness, but the walls will be perfectly washed from the drops and spray that fell on the walls of the kitchen when cooking. Whatever finishing materials you use when decorating the kitchen, it is important to remember that they can easily lose their positive qualities and characteristics in violation of the finishing technology. At the initial stage of the repair of the kitchen, you should well prepare the surface of the walls: remove the old finish, thoroughly clean and polish the walls, put putty. If your choice fell on the wallpaper, then do not forget to pre -treat the walls with a primer, which will significantly reduce the effect of moisture on the finishing material. After preparing the surface, you should mark the walls of the kitchen and directly start the decoration of the room. It should also be recalled that when decorating walls in the kitchen, it is necessary to take into account the general style design of the room and try to follow it. As a rule, tiles and paint green, blue and white colors are suitable for the kitchen, light texture wallpaper looks good. To increase the service life of finishing materials, it is necessary to regularly carry out wet cleaning of the kitchen, avoid hot water spraying on the walls. It is also necessary to regularly inspect the walls for the detection of various cracks and scratches, which should be found in the shortest possible time – otherwise moisture and evaporation will fall into the structure of finishing materials, which will have a significant impact on the durability of the repair in the kitchen.