Walking barefoot

Walking barefoot as a healing procedure was used by doctors of ancient Greece, Egypt and Rome. Walked barefoot for the treatment of various diseases and just to strengthen immunity. It is also known that at that time the children put on shoes only when they were executed for 18 years.

Modern scientists and researchers studying this issue proved that walking barefoot has a positive effect on many organs and functions of the body: blood pressure decreases, neuromuscular processes are activated, and oxidative processes in the body are improved. Of course, walking barefoot is not a cure for all diseases. However, in combination with other wellness procedures, it produces a positive effect. In particular, in addition to hardening the body, walking barefoot is a means of preventing cardiovascular diseases, since it has a beneficial effect on blood vessels. Walking barefoot can also be considered as a type of acupressure, since there are points on the foot that are responsible for many human organs: brain, kidneys, stomach, eyes, heart and others.

There are practically no contraindications for such hardening. But it is worth taking into account the fact that people non -kil should not run out of twenty -degree frost barefoot on the snow in the hope of healing. The effect will be the opposite. The hardening process should be gradual and continuous. You can start this process at home, using barefoot on the carpet and floor, because rarely someone, having come home, does not seek, only having removed shoes, to put on warm home slippers as soon as possible. When you cease to experience discomfort from this, you can proceed to the next stage. If the street is warm, you can safely take off and apply walking barefoot on the grass and earth. It is best to do this in the country to avoid troubles in the form of a broken glass or something else. Start walking without shoes on a soft surface from 5-10 minutes, gradually increasing time. From a soft surface, you can switch to pebbles and pebbles. The result will be even more positive if you pour pebble with cold water. Well, with the onset of the cold pore of the year, the procedure can be carried out at home using contrasting baths for the legs and going barefoot for the snow for 2-3 minutes. Given the positive effect that the walking barefoot, to accustom yourself to this procedure will not be difficult. Strengthen your immunity and forget about colds.