Visual zoning techniques

The issue of zoning large space is relevant in any room, and to solve it there are many time tested methods. According to experts in the field of interior, conditional zoning of space is the easiest option to indicate different sections of the room, which have a certain functionality.

Sometimes for the implementation of zoning a fairly elementary rearrangement of furniture. But in some cases, such easy ways cannot solve the problem.

The common visual zoning techniques include color separation of the interior, various design techniques, as well as the release of individual zones using a thoughtful lighting system. The color scheme means the distinction between the room through the use of different shades of the same color.

This technique is used in the design of walls, floor and ceiling. It happens that designers use for this purpose a combination of contrasting colors. Also, this technique allows you to divide the space into separate zones by using drawings and ornaments in the decoration of the premises.

If we consider the so -called zonal lighting as a zoning method, then it is most often used to indicate the place of rest in the living room or cooking area in the kitchen. As for constructive techniques, they consist in a partial change in the structure of the surrounding space. This can be the use of transparent or opaque partitions, as well as the use of stucco molding, columns, arches and other decor elements.

In some cases, the zoning of the room can be performed by using several different wall coverage within the same room within one room. The number of available options for wallpaper or other materials is not limited here, because in the market they are presented in the widest assortment.

Also, with the aim of zoning, special multi -level drywall ceilings can be equipped, equipped with spotlights. Finally, another option for executing zoning is the construction of a catwalk in the room. The latter reception today is becoming more and more popular, especially due to the fact that drawers for storing things can be hidden inside the catwalk.