Very light slate ondulin

This material, created in the destroyed war of France, is already almost seventy years old. Inexpensive and very technological bitumen slate ondulin during this time became popular in almost all European countries. Domestic consumers did not ignore him. Moreover, Ondulin, unlike most European building materials, is very affordable. It uses exclusively inexpensive components in its production, which provides it with a more honest price even in our country.

There are a lot of Ondulin’s low price of Ondulin. But is it not the availability of the material by the result of its poor quality, the inconsistency of environmental or sanitary requirements, insufficient durability or other disadvantages? Let’s say right away that slate ondulin can be attributed to those unique and very few products in which excellent quality is combined with very attractive, especially for our not too rich consumer, at a price. But just say about “excellent quality”, of course, there is little, it is necessary to decipher what delighted us so much in this material. First of all, the material is quite durable. In this he can compete with the classic slate. If we began to compare these materials, we continue. Schifer’s scourge is that over time it is overgrown with moss. Ondulin does not threaten. The initial appearance of ondulin retains much longer than the painted slate. It is also very important that in the work of Ondulin is much more convenient. This is provided, first of all, with a slight weight of the material. It is enough, again, compare it with the slate. Eight -wave sheet of asbestos slate weighs 21, 6 kg. The leaf of Ondulin (ten -wave) weighs about 6 kg, which makes it extremely convenient to work. Ondulin is remarkably cut by an ordinary hacksaw for wood.

The environmental friendliness of the materials used today is paid to increased attention. Moreover, gradually “environmental thinking” finds us an increasing number of supporters. With environmental friendliness, unlike the same slate, ondulin, too, is fine. After all, the soft slate ondulin does not contain any materials that could have a negative effect on the ecology. Recall that the asbestos contained in the ordinary slate is extremely harmful.