Varieties of the entrance doors

Entrance doors are an integral part of any house or apartment. They must meet certain standards and requirements: they must be strong, strong, durable, not afraid of moisture and cold. Also an integral feature of the entrance doors should be good heat and sound insulation of the premises, which is relevant with harsh Russian frosts. It is important to remember that your front door meets these requirements – you must carefully approach its choice, carefully calculating everything and.

The entrance doors are divided into wooden, steel, glass, plastic. The most common are the doors made of wood, followed by popularity steel. More exotic glass and plastic doors for Russia – occupy only a small part of the domestic market. More recently, doors made of wood were popular as the entrance, however, the peculiarity of our mentality forces to equip the apartments with steel doors, which have no analogues in terms of strength, reliability and durability. They now try to use wooden doors as interior. In addition to their strength advantages, steel doors have their disadvantages. The main ones are poor thermal insulation and insufficient soundproofing of the premises. To eliminate them, you have to carry out additional work and use special materials. Now in specialized firms you can order an already modified steel door, but its cost is significantly higher. Glass and plastic doors are rarely used as external. This is explained by the fact that they cannot withstand Russian frosts and the activities of vandals. Most often they can be found in the design of various offices and stores. Of all the listed varieties of the entrance doors, wooden and steel deserve greater popularity. Today the lineup is represented by a huge number of options and models. Everyone can choose the door to their taste, needs and financial capabilities. If you doubt or are uncertain in your choice, then contact the seller for advice that will tell you the best option and help you make a quality purchase.