Types of chemical curls

Changing the structure of the hair due to a chemical curl is a very complex process, as a result of which the hair will become curly, thick and very magnificent. In this way, you can make slightly curly, very curly, wavy and a variety of curls.

The law of nature is that women with curly hair want straight ones, and with straight ones – curly. Curb daily hair using a curling iron and other devices, takes a lot of time, it is easier to make a curl that will not require daily laying.

The main drawback, curls in this way, hair is damaged. Thanks to modern technologies, curling hair with chemical compositions has become almost harmless. But it is also worth considering that such cardinal changes are not suitable for every appearance, and the type of hair.

Modern curling is no longer the procedures that were performed at the very beginning of the appearance of chemistry. Previously, the strands were thinned out and spoiled quite strongly, but now using a sparing perm you can reduce the harm to your hair, and sometimes add health. At the beginning of the spread of chemistry, compounds on acid and alkali were used, it was because of these components that the hair was damaged, but remained popular and today due to their long use, such a curl can last about six months.

Types of curling

Varieties of chemical curls depend on their composition, acidic, chemical, alkaline, neutral, amino acid, American, Japanese and very appropriate are common – bio -war.

Speaking of acid curling, it should be noted that this species is not recommended for weak and damaged hair, after it the hair is stiff and dry. After acid curl, it is quite difficult to restore brittle hair and you have to cut it off very briefly and this does not always help the use of restorative masks. An acid curl with the addition of thioglycolic acid will be more harmless, it will last within a month.

The type of alkaline curling retains resistance much less in time than ordinary acidic, such a variety will last three months. Hair looks natural and become strong. Also differs in its not high cost.

Amino acid curls consists of amino acids and proteins that contribute to cure and useful. This type should not be used on thick and long hair, due to their weight, they quickly straighten up.

A neutral curl is ideal for any type and length of the hair, it gently affects the strands, strengthens them, the life reaches up to six months.

Bio -war, unlike other species, does not harm the strands, it includes compounds of thioglycolic acid, ammonia and hydrogen. After curling, the curls acquire shine, look naturally, the strands do not get weighted and hold it very firmly.

Hard hair care

Correctly performing hair care after chemical exposure to strands, you can restore and make the process less harmful.

It is necessary to wash your hair correctly, use special shampoos, after washing it is recommended to caress the infusion of bread, nettles or other herbal.

Be sure to use masks, rub various oils, fish oil to moisturize your hair, this will give it softness. You should also occasionally refresh the tips, visiting a hairdresser.

They do not recommend making a chemical curling in the winter, since at this time the hair is most lacking vitamins and they require more attention.