Trust in the relationship of young people

Trust is the most important aspect in relations with loved ones. To gain trust, a lot of effort and time is required, but it can be lost in the blink of an eye. The harmony and fullness of relations determines primarily the trust. So how to achieve it and be able to hold it?

Lies and trust are incompatible! First of all, it is necessary to stop lying and deceiving people around you. This is not easy, but you need to learn how to control yourself, because it is so nice to be honest with loved ones and yourself. Your frankness and sincerity, the lack of hypocrisy in words and actions, will let a person understand that you need him and is important.

There are times when it is necessary to lie in something, to keep silent, the so-called “lies in salvation”, but such situations are extremely rare in our life. Often, it is much better to tell a person the truth, let him hear it from you than from someone else. For example, if you see that your loved one looks ridiculous in a certain situation or is sure that he should refrain from the act, which will further bring him trouble, the best option would be to tell him about this. Even if you are offended in response. But in the future you will gain trust and a positive attitude towards yourself, your opinion will be very important, since you are telling the truth.

Secrets and trust ability to keep other people’s secrets are very important in the process of forming trusting relationships. The fact that a person told you something about himself in secret is already a sign of trust. He hopes for your participation and silence. Remember, not to earn trust, without learning to carefully keep secrets. Therefore, you should not share your information left and right, so you can not only lose trust in yourself, but also a person who has shared a secret with you. And if it is completely unbearable and a crazy impulse arises to throw out emotions and talk about what you know, it is better to find an disinterested person for this purpose. In this case, you must be sure that your listener will never and under no circumstances meet with someone who entrusted you with a secret. Share your thoughts, reprimand from the heart and no longer return to this topic.

Learn to listen to the interlocutor probably, everyone is surrounded by such a person who is always ready to listen, a kind of “vest”, which is sometimes so nice to cry in. Note, such people are endlessly trusted. It is very important.

When a person tells you about something, to share with you his feelings, thoughts, he subconsciously begins to trust you. The main thing is not to interrupt the narrator, but to patiently listen, delving into what he heard. Be objective and attentive. After all, everyone wants to be heard and understood. So provide a person with such an opportunity and a response to your participation, sincerity and negligence will be reciprocity and trust.