Tips for people who started repairs on their own

We all become irritable when repairs begin in our apartment (in the house), especially if we do these work on our own. Permanent dust, no matter how clean, she firmly “defends and occupies” her territory, dirt, wallpaper glue, which strives to “remove” slippers from you, urgently needed clothes reliably “hid”.

In order for your repairs to be easier, we will give some tips that will at least a little help save your already “stretched” nerves. How does the repair begin? That’s right, we move (move) furniture, advice: so that the legs of the furniture easily slide on the flooring and at the same time do not lift out (scratch) it, put on the legs of ordinary plastic covers, this will greatly facilitate the task.

Drops on the floor from the paint, if it’s not water -based, you won’t save in time, then you will crawl with a knife and with a rag soaked in acetone: before painting walls or ceilings, wash the floors with a solution of 30 g for 1 liter. water, which hit the floor on the floor, will wash out faster.

As do not try, and the window frames cannot be painted very carefully, the paint on the glass “appears from nowhere”, advice: before painting the frames, wipe the glass with vinegar. By the way, salted water will get rid of unpleasant (sharp) smell of paint, arrange 2 – 3 vessels with salt water in the room and the smell will disappear faster, you can also do wet cleaning, simply adding dry mustard to the water.

What to start apartment renovation?

The toilet is supposed to be repaired by the very first. Agree, calm accommodation in the entire apartment depends on the serviceability of the bathroom. The number of rooms here does not matter.

Even if we decide to carry out repairs with our own hands, it is necessary to observe the sequence of all stages. First of all, we are talking about drawing up a repair plan and its estimate. Here it is necessary to provide for the replacement of pipes of water supply and drainage. So we will save ourselves from unnecessary worries for 10-15 years. It is better to lay pipes at the top, and not “hide” them in the walls.

As experience shows, the slightest breakdown with hidden pipes leads to additional costs. When drawing up the bathroom repair plan, it is also important to take into account the replacement of the water meter, the installation of the water filter.

At the next stage of the repair, the replacement of the old electric wiring is made. It should occur in accordance with new norms and rules. Then you can start work related to the repair of the ceiling, walls and floor. The walls must be completely cleaned and darkened. Now there are good finished mixtures in stores.

For engineering communications, it is better to take plastic and alumoplastic pipes. Ceramic tiles are perfect for decoration of floor and walls in operational properties. You should choose materials by average or slightly higher than the average price bar. This will give more chances to purchase quality materials at affordable prices. If we focus on low prices, then we will very soon think about re -repairs.

All this applies more to preparatory work. After they are completed, you can proceed to the main repair.