The use of sand in construction work

It is sand that can be called the most important material that is used in construction. On its basis, a wide range of work is produced, and with its help you can create various building materials and compositions, for example, concrete, cement and everything else. In some cases, the use of artificial sand is allowed, which is made of crushed marble and granite.

This sand is often used for finishing work, but it is not suitable for basic construction.

River sand is considered the most attractive and most commonly used in construction work. But it is important that it is cleaned, since the strength of the building will depend on this. Such sand is usually mined from the bottom of the river, and for this they use special equipment that is attached to the walking barge. Then the sand is cleaned of stones, clay and organic type particles.

Today you can order for personal needs sand with delivery, the price of which can be different. It all depends on the type of sand, on the company where you turned, and the delivery method.

Career sand is used in construction. This type is needed in order to make embankments under the foundation. Nice career sand is used in those works where an admixture of clay is allowed, say, in plaster. Well, it is very good to use seeded sand when laying bricks.

It is worth noting that the cost of career sand is small – much cheaper than river. That’s why it is used especially often. There, of course, where it is allowed by norms.

Sometimes use sea sand, although less often than career and river. Make it with alluvial means, and with its help they make dry building mixtures for the manufacture of the sidewalk and tiles. Sea sand is distinguished by its large structure, and therefore you can use it not everywhere. But in some works it is simply indispensable.