The use of plastic panels and drywall in the decoration of the bathroom

Material such as plastic panels is the cheapest version of the bathroom decoration. The walls trimmed with this material do not have great beauty and resemble office premises. But if you choose models with a texture of stone or wood, you get a rather stylish bathroom. The advantages of this material are durability, resistance to temperature drops, hygiene and simplicity when installing. However, plastic is of slight mechanical strength and increased combustibility.

Plasterboard sheets – well suitable for conducting the finish of the bathroom, but not ordinary, but a special (tog that contains cement) or waterproof drywall. The material has a green sheet color. Convenient for installation, has a low cost, low weight, regulate the microclimate and absorb sound. The disadvantages include insufficient decorativeness (you need to paint or paste the material after installation). Also needs additional material – profile.