The use of foam blocks in a pre -planned building

Nowadays, there are already ready -made projects of various constructions of cottages from foam block, where it is planned in advance, where and which wall will stand, and if it is not supporting and is in the bathroom, then it will serve for a very long time. Many construction companies can often offer customers pre -developed projects. Various wall structures may also be offered, which are single -layer, two -layer and three -layer.

Everything will depend on the specifics of future buildings and climate in this area. Many design solutions are based on the use of walls in two layers. In this situation, the air gap between the walls plays an important role. This solution is the most optimal and most universal.

Practice has shown that the use of such material as foam block is the most economical step in construction. Penoblock is not afraid of moisture, does not allow mold to spread (this is characteristic of the bathroom and toilet), the walls breathe. A beautiful microclimate is created in the bathrooms.