The threat of termination of pregnancy

Recently, very often women are diagnosed in the situation – the threat of termination of pregnancy. About every tenth pregnancy ends with an interruption at a period of up to 12 weeks. If you seek help from a doctor in time, then in most cases, the threat of interruption can be eliminated by preserving the pregnancy and taking out a healthy strong baby. The reasons for the threat of termination of pregnancy are quite a lot. The main ones include the following: 1.     The age of the woman until 18 and after 30 years. 2.     Hormonal violations. The deficiency of the hormone progesterone that supports pregnancy in the early stages, especially in the first trimester of pregnancy, is often the cause of spontaneous interruption. Lack of estrogen, which contributes to the growth and development of the uterus, also leads to a threat of termination of pregnancy and, alas, to sad consequences. 3.     Infectious and inflammatory diseases of the genital organs (chlamydia, ureaplasmosis, mycoplasmosis, herpes, cytomegalovirus and t. P.). Infection can be transmitted to the baby through amniotic fluid, cause anomalies of development and fetal death. This is one of the frequent reasons for the development of the threat of interruption. 4.     General infectious diseases of pregnant women (rubella, hepatitis, influenza, tonsillitis), which are accompanied by a significant increase in body temperature and general intoxication of the body. Very often in such conditions, doctors diagnose – the threat of termination of pregnancy and recommend that you undergo a course of treatment in a hospital. 5.     Chronic diseases of pregnant women. Chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system (heart defects, increased blood pressure), blood system, kidneys, diabetes significantly increase the risk of a threat of termination of pregnancy and require constant observation and serious treatment. 6.     Toxicosis of the first and second half of pregnancy. Toxicosis is a pathological state, due to which a woman’s overall well-being worsens, anemia, weakness, pain in various organs occur. In this state, the threat of termination of pregnancy or premature birth increases sharply. 7.     The threat of termination of pregnancy may occur as a result of physical disorders and injuries. 8.     Genetic deviations of the fetus. Very often after spontaneous abortion, certain genetic anomalies are detected in the fetus. 9.     Adverse social conditions are also one of the reasons for the appearance of a pregnancy threat. The use of alcohol, drugs, hard working conditions – all these factors are not in the best way affect the health of women and her well -being. 10.     Problems with the immune system. If the immune system of a pregnant woman recognizes the fetus as a foreign body, she tries to get rid of it, to tease. Когда анализы показывают увеличение количества антител у матери, врачи часто ставят диагноз – угроза прерывания беременности. This condition is also called immunoconflick. Symptoms of threat of termination of pregnancy 1.     Sensation of heaviness and aching pain in the center in the lower abdomen. 2.     The tone of the uterine muscles. If you feel that the uterus is stone, the muscles are constantly tense, you should immediately seek help from a doctor – these may be symptoms of the threat of interruption. 3.     Periodic, cramping pain in the lower abdomen. 4.     Bloody ointing discharge from the genital tract, regardless of pregnancy. This symptom indicates the threat of termination of pregnancy as a result of detachment of the fetal egg. 5.     Any insignificant leakage of amniotic fluid. In this case, not only the risk of an interruption threat, but also the risk of infection of the fetus is great, therefore urgent hospitalization of a pregnant woman is necessary. In terms of up to 35 weeks, doctors are trying in all ways to preserve pregnancy and improve the general condition of a woman. Unfortunately, in recent years, the number of women with a diagnosis of the threat of termination of pregnancy has increased significantly. This is primarily due to the unfavorable environmental situation, the use of low -quality products, an increase in the age of pregnant women and many other factors that contribute to the development of the threat of termination of pregnancy.