The sights of Marmaris

Türkiye Marmaris is a city in Turkey, an important port and a resort. It is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in the southwestern part. This city is a real pearl of the Aegean Sea. It is considered the most European vacation spot in Turkey and is located near the airport that has international significance.

Embankment of Marmaris

Marmaris’s coastal path is the longest in Turkey. There is a special pedestrian path along which you can walk along all the beaches and hotels of Marmaris, and if you want to stay in the “Rayska Bay”. The famous street with bars, cafes and live music runs along this path. Here you can taste Turkish, vegetarian, and European cuisine. And in the evening the coast is decorated with backlighting, which stretches along the whole street.

This is only part of Marmaris’s attractions, which we were able to describe. Having visited this wonderful resort, you will want to return here to see everything again and, perhaps, open something new and unknown in this pearl of the Aegean Sea.

Climate Marmaris

Beigree sea, soft sea air, coniferous forests and numerous green hills – this is the picture of the resort city of Marmaris. Compared to another resort – Antalya, to relax in Marmaris is much more comfortable. Air humidity here is less low (about 35%), and summer heat is not as intrusive as, for example, in Antalya. In the hottest summer days, the air temperature is always five to seven degrees lower compared to other resorts. Comfortable coniferous air allows the elderly, and children, and middle -aged people completely enjoy the rest. In winter, the temperature does not drop below 10-15 degrees of heat. The beaches of the resort. Marmaris noted at the international level. This is evidenced by the blue flag on the coast.

Memorial places of Marmaris

Marmaris is at the intersection of two seas – Mediterranean and Aegean. In this regard, the sculpture located directly and the entrance to the city is noteworthy. This is a pearl located inside the earth. According to legend, the city was called from the abbreviated Le Mar Maris, which translates as a “sea pearl”. Having visited this city, you will make sure that the city is really like a pearl at sea.

One of Marmaris’s attractions is Barny Street. She is known for discos, bars, cafes where a huge number of tourists are going. Here you can always listen to live music, both local and foreign, see a laser show, visit tattoo sites, as well as sit in bars and cafes.

The ancient fortress of Marmaris and the legacy of Ataturk

It was built in 3000 g. BC, and the Ionians erected it. In the XVI century, the fortress acquired its current appearance. From the height of the fortress, a magnificent view of the city itself, the bay and the port opens. Get there along a narrow path, and it itself is located on a rock. Near the fortress, ancient guns and nuclei will appear in front of you. In the inside you will find a collection of portraits of the wife of Suleiman – Roxalana. The last restoration was carried out in 1979., And since 1991. The fortress is open for tourists. In addition, an ethnographic museum operates in the castle.

One of the rulers of Turkey, Kemal Ataturk, is known as a person who destroyed the imperialist way. Modern Türkiye with equality between men and women – the merit of Ataturk. In addition, he created the National Bank, reunited all education bodies into a single whole, abolished the caliphate. For all his merits, the Turkish people erected his numerous sculptures throughout the country. One of the remarkable monuments is in Marmaris.