The roof of corrugated board

The roof is one of the most important part of the house and the most important thing is to ensure that the roof protects the house reliably and efficiently. Now inclined types of roofs are considered very fashionable and popular.

The most famous and practical and impeccable material for the roof roof is corrugated board.

Corrugated board (profile) made of profiled steel sheets covered with protective galvanized and polymer coating. Now such sheets are covered with plastisol, polyester or pool. Excellent quality and reliability of the material allows you to perform a roof device from corrugated board quickly and not difficult. Also, this roofing building material, in addition to its main purpose of mounting the roof, is also used for the construction of awnings, visors, pavilions, structures and various other buildings. The corrugated board has a huge selection of colors and a shade that is suitable for any house design and fit perfectly into the surrounding design. The material is very light and convenient in transportation and transport.

The polymer coating does not burn out in the sun and for a long time retains the brightness and clarity of color.

With the help of the most ordinary tools available in every house, you can easily even cover the roof with a corrugated board yourself. First of all, it is necessary to make a careful raising of corrugated board to the roof. You should move around the roof very carefully and in soft shoes, so as not to deform corrugated board. You need to try to advance only in the deflections of the waves of the profiled sheet where the crate is located. Self -tapping screws are also screwed into the deflection of the waves.

In the yield of metal corrosion at the site of the cut or chip of the sheet it is treated with a special enamel suitable for polymer coating. Working with corrugated board, you must do this in gloves so as not to cut the edge of the sheet. It is necessary to carefully monitor the removal of metal chips from the surface of the corrugated board, which is formed due to screwing the screws into the profile because, by rusting, it can spoil the entire sheet. Also, in the process of installing the roof, you should not forget to remove a special protective film from profiled sheets in order to avoid its adhesion. Use a grinder during cutting sheets, as this very spoils the sheet and causes corrosion.

The roof from the corrugated board has a very long life and has been serving for many years. Acquiring this type of roof, a person makes a favorable investment in his future.