The procedure for repairs

Repair in the apartment is a responsible and important matter that must be done in a certain order. First of all, the repair of the ceiling, windows and doors is done. Further, the floor is repaired and only then the walls.

To whitewash the ceiling, you need to have a table, a wide painting brush or roller, a special tray for emulsion and paint the desired shade. Before applying the paint to the ceiling using sandpaper, the top layer should be removed, and then wash off the remaining dust with a brush moistened with water. After the surface dries, you can start painting the ceiling with a roller or brush. The roller should move in the longitudinal direction from windows to the door. After the first layer is applied, it must dry and only after that you need to apply the second layer of whitewashing. Windows and doors during the repair should be either painted or varnished. Paint on the door and windows should be applied two or three times. If plastic windows and doors are installed, then they only need to be washed. At the next stage of the repair, the flooring should be replaced, the most common of which is linoleum. Before buying, you need to calculate the area of ​​the floor so that there are no non -covered areas. Already everyone knows that the construction of fences from corrugated board is very popular today. Therefore, we bring to your attention surprisingly high -quality and beautiful, and most importantly strong materials called corrugated board.