The possibilities of children’s holidays on vacation

Among today’s dominance of computers and the World Wide Web, the health of our children leading because of this inactive lifestyle leaves much to be desired. Most of the teenagers do not delay the ears from the laptop and interactive games, watch films or transmissions in the linen. Together with the increase in the volume of schooling in the younger generation, there are simply no time, or even desire for something else, like an outdoor vacation. Hence all the existing health problems, more and more often recorded from graduates of our schools.

It is such problems that is called to solve the network of children’s camps Dmitry and Matvey Shparo. Children’s camp organized by famous Russian travelers – it is precisely the component that is necessary for every child to conduct outdoor activities on vacation. In all three chain camps – Ruza near Moscow, Karelia or Crimea – a teenager is guaranteed with pleasure and benefit will spend his time. The main component of all types of programs is travel – the main goal of the team of instructors and accompanying children love for active types of relaxation. In addition, while traveling in the group, the child is instilled in the command spirit, all kinds of skills necessary both during the campaign and in everyday life, courage and ingenuity. Various forms of children’s recreation are offered a choice – a rope course, a trip to catamarans or a walking trip.

Great attention in the “Big Adventure” camps is given the security of the child during his journey. Experienced psychologists work in the staff who help to adapt or cope with one or another fear (for example, a fear of heights – however, the passage of any obstacle is not mandatory). Carefully trained accompanying campaigns are monitored on the nutrition of children. Tours in the camps of the company are organized year -round, and since 2012, weekend tours have been held for the whole family or small companies of vacationers.

Prices for tours for children in the camps of the Shparo brothers are one of the most democratic in the children’s recreation market. In this case, various payment options are possible, pre -pre -preceded from the operator. It should be remembered that the main advantage and acquisition in this case is the health of the child, a charge of positive emotions and the impressions he receives during travel. The Big Adventure camps have long won impeccable reputation and positive reviews of most program participants.