The order in which the repair should be done in the bathroom

When it is time to start repairs in the bathroom, you should definitely plan in advance how to do it and in what sequence. Repairs do not have to be done very often in your own apartments, because of this you have to think carefully everything.

You should correctly compile a list of all the works that have to be done, and then accept to calculations.

Repair work consist of several stages, they can be called:

1. Dismantling or demolition of old coatings, also remove old pipes, if there is an old wiring – it should also be removed. The front door to the bathroom should be removed, although it does not have to be changed.

2. Electrical work and plumbing should be attributed to a special type of work. Laying an electric cable should be done in metal pipes. If the matter is suitable for sockets, switches and lighting devices, then they should be done after the end of the finish. Do not forget about grounding, which in wet rooms is very necessary.

3. When the wiring of water pipes is done, it should be done in the following order:

a) it is necessary to determine where the water should go (hot or cold);

b) choose the correct installation of the filter system;

c) you should correctly integrate the heater into the system;

d) layout and installation of plumbing equipment and shower cabin.

4. The stages of finishing work are also done according to the system, but its flexibility depends on the materials that are used in the decoration. One must remember one thing that when the overhaul is underway, then everything old is changed to a new. When there is a cosmetic repair, then everything old is trying to put in order.

5. The final stage belongs to the fact that you need to put sockets, switches, chandeliers and lamps. This is done last due to the fact that the room has high humidity, and when the hood is installed, then there will be no more humidity.