The new small jeep will not be a copy of the FIAT car

Information about changes in the model range of the famous and so popular in Russia in the dashing 90s of the American brand of Jeep brand became known to a wide range of motorists. The conversation is about three models, the appearance of which is expected in the next two years.

First of all, the head of the company rejected the information that the new model of the Jeep SUV was developed in Italy.

Rather, not even so. Rumors said that it would be the same Fiat 500X crossover, only having other nameplate and processed design. In fact, it will be a completely different car, in the blood formula of which will be the DNA of the Jeep brand, and not any other brand.

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Also, in the lineup, the new product will have a special version with old “lotions”, which will allow you to fight off -road with the help of good old juper methods, such as a differential blocking or a decrease in transmission. And more recently, at the Detroit Motor Show, the brand presented the updated version of the legendary Grand Cherokee.

The second pleasant surprise for lovers of this American brand will be a new compact SUV, which is essentially the heir to the existing Liberty model. The company’s management is planned to maintain this name, although it is possible to replace it with another, already well -known Cherokee.

However, there is no time for a long buildup, since the decision must be used quickly in connection with the future car dealership in New York, which will soon be held. Interestingly, the spied top-prototype of the new Liberty model was assembled on the basis of the ALFA Romeo Giulietta car.

The head of the company did not report any details about the engine engine, but according to experts, a six-cylinder V-shaped engine with a volume of 3, 6 liters will be installed there. He will work in conjunction with an automatic gearbox at 9 steps. It is planned that initially the SUV will be with the front -wheel drive, but the all -wheel drive system will be available only as an option.

And the third news is that in the second half of 2014 a car will be released, which will be a successor to two models at the same time – Patriot and Compass.   Thus, the most discussed topic applies to the name of the future model: the marketer is faced with a difficult task of choosing a name for a new model.