The layout of the kitchen

The atmosphere in the house depends on how competently located, planned and saturated with furniture. For example, small, but very comfortable kitchens, are more attractive to guests and households than huge, with expensive equipment, “Booms”. The kitchen, like food, should not be turned into a cult. Its functionality should be combined with the design and meet the necessary needs. That is, when planning a kitchen, you do not need to fall into extremes, filling it with all the novelties of kitchen equipment available on the market.

The main place in the kitchen is the working area. It should have enough space for cooking and placing furniture and equipment. The first thing you should pay attention to is the dimensions of the workplace uniting the sink, the plate and the cooking area. It is best if the working surface is divided into several places, one of which must be between the sink and the stove. And the oven and the refrigerator should be placed in a “step” from the cooking site. When planning the kitchen, you need to think about future movements on it. That is, so that it is possible to quickly and easily perform all the work of cooking (in the oven and on the stove). And also get food from the refrigerator, put ready -made dishes in free space. If to perform these processes you need to overcome not one or two steps, but one or two meters in one direction or another, it means that the layout of the kitchen is bad. Unsuccessful for competent layout is a kitchen, elongated in length, completely unsuitable for life, t. To. When moving along it, you have to overcome long distances along the kitchen area. A good option is P- and Mr.-shaped cuisine: you can work here, almost without leaving the place. It is better to place one of the kitchen areas along the wall with the window. The corner of the countertop can be adapted to the corner sink; You can arrange large equipment on it, or can be used under the stove (but it will be difficult to access long -distance burners). A linear kitchen with a dubeler of the main kitchen area is considered convenient for planning. Here you can accommodate between two working zones. On one of the zones there is a plate, and on the other – a sink. If the silver plot is wide enough, then it can be a table for breakfast-lunch, and a bar counter. For a bar, the surface of the dubler site from the side of the kitchen is usually a lower.