The kingdom needs to be repaired

We spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This is a place where the whole family can definitely meet, even if all very busy people. Everyone is running into the kitchen to eat. But the woman hostess usually considers the kitchen to be her kingdom, because it is there that she creates masterpieces for her family. It is most pleasant to work in a cozy room, so the kitchen often requires repair. First you need to remove excess furniture and dishes from the kitchen. Then the walls, floor and ceiling need to be cleaned of old materials and fat. After that, all surfaces are aligned with putty. When the material dries, the perfect surface is created using a grater. Then you can already do and finish. The working area can be finished with tiles or painted, and for the rest of the area you can choose beautiful wallpapers that will create additional comfort. For the ceiling, it is better to choose a water paint, since evaporation from cooking can quickly pollute it. It is better to use a roller for painting the ceiling. For the floor it is better to choose a high -quality coating that withstands high temperatures and moisture. Furniture in the kitchen should not contain harmful substances so as not to harm the health and mood of the whole family.