The head of the manager or the softness of the employee

Modern employers want to find out the maximum information about their future employee. They study the resume, are interested in their personal life, ask about the reasons for dismissal from previous places of work, want to find out your goals and aspirations. They are trying to find your negative aspects, and your task is only to convince that you are the best candidate for this position.

Many applicants reread a bunch of information, consult with friends who have already been interviewed to make a good impression at the interview and not get into a dead end. As a result, it turns out that the employer receives all the information about you, and you, in turn, can appreciate your future work only superficially. It is difficult for you to judge the financial stability of the company and see the dishonesty of the head.

We strive to get just a good job at which you conscientiously fulfill your duties and get a stable salary. We are not looking for a job to assert ourselves and self-realize, rather, to get earned money and solve some personal problems.

The employer offers you a suitable salary that will be increased after the trial period and everything suits you. At this moment, you do not even think about the possible dishonesty of a leader who can simply deceive you. The increase in wages motivates you to the most efficient work, and if financial difficulties arise, the company will most likely patiently wait.

Another problem of our labor market is the presence of such concepts as “black” and “white” salary. Very often, employers go to such a trick, and your actual earnings are much superior to income in the certificate. Often, we do not attach importance to this type of accounting, but you need to know that this is a violation of your rights. In the event of a difficult situation at the enterprise in addition to the dishonesty of the head, only the official part of the salary will be paid to you and at the same time will be clean before the law.

There are such leaders who just have to beg their salary. You are not paid money on time, and you go to ask for money from the management or even threaten your dismissal. In such cases, leaders refer to difficult times and call for understanding. At the same time, employees who patiently wait for the day of salary.

Ignorance of his rights hits our wallet strongly. Numerous deductions hang you, establish unrealistic plans, offer to sign the agreements beneficial for the company, which are not very beneficial for employees. If employees leave, dissatisfied with the conditions of remuneration, accuse them of non -fulfilling their duties. They do not pay the salary, and if you threaten the court, they say that while the court makes a decision, the money will depreciate and everything is in this context.

Indeed, it is very difficult to protect yourself from the dishonesty of the leader. Laws do not protect the rights of employees well enough. Even if you are deceived, and you write a complaint, then this will not help. Long courts will not be able to force the employer to pay you a salary, but only confirm the fact of violation of your rights.