The family needs everyone

Let’s see what a family is for each person and how to build a family is necessary for everyone since birth, everyone is necessary, if they do not refuse him, absorbs the entire atmosphere that is created by parents. The family and in ancient times was a cell of society and was the basis and foundation for humans. And long before birth, his parents also pass the stages of childhood, adolescence and growing up. And now, at some point, suddenly there is a realization that it is time to unite in a couple. Everyone wants to find for himself a worthy partner that meets all our needs. It all depends on the spiritual and physical state of a person at the time of the meeting. How often at a young age it seems that a person who has met is the very “second half”. Time passes, communication begins in everyday life and many couples break up, and having begun to live in truly. No matter how much freedom would like, at some point it passes and there is an acute need for a family to create a family. A model of behavior of their own parents, good or bad, is always the basis for creating a family. Young people begin to live together and try to study the traditions of the families of their chosen ones. In the future, the new family creates its own rules and traditions with which their children will go further. How important in the first years of marriage to maintain the heat and mutual attraction, which combined a couple for family life. It is clear that all people are different, and the psychology of women is significantly different from the psychology of a man. It must be remembered that your husband or spouse is the best and dear people for you. Give each other warm and affectionate words, try to hug and kiss each other every day. Rudeness only exacerbates the relationship in the family. It is very good to make each other surprises and give gifts. Flowers in a vase of your beloved wife should not be withering. As soon as the bouquet was wound, on the same evening give a new. Very often in the family, a woman takes the role of a leader from a man and almost performs men’s work in the house. Only a woman is to blame for this, since a man can very easily give all the initiative and responsibility for his family in her hands. While the family has love and mutual respect, it is difficult to intervene there and destroy it. It is very important that husband and wife are engaged in her favorite business, each his. Better yet, if the favorite thing is one for two. But each person has his own purpose, therefore, the family of classes may also differ. For example, one writes novels, and the other composes songs. That is, in such a family will always “soar” the spirit of creativity and harmony. But emotional bursts are also possible, since living people may well change their mood. The joint spiritual development of all family members and the desire to build a common hearth with a certain, only characteristic of this, individual family. If a calm, healthy relationship develops in the family, then children grow and develop without any deviations and find their place in society very quickly, as they see a positive example of their precious parents. The family that has passed the stage of the divorce today is respect and admiration for many people. Indeed, in the twenty -first century, you can often encounter a divorce situation, which very negatively affects first of all to children. “Council and love” to everyone who created a family and wants to live with his chosen one for the rest.