The education of their children

Today, more and more parents want to independently engage in their children, without resorting to the help of grandmothers and round -the -clock nannies. And of course, every such couple wants to raise his baby with a good and kind person, to instill him all the best qualities and enjoy every day when looking at his child. But often rainbow ideas about the independent education of the child are overshadowed by the difficulties and problems that parents face on this path. In order for independent education to not turn into the necessary routine duty and bring joy to you and your child need to follow only a few rules and all the difficulties in raising a child will be solved easily and quickly.

The main rules when raising a child

Do not follow the standards

Many young parents with the advent of the baby acquire a lot of literature on raising children, which clearly and in detail describes how the child should behave, what games to play and what should be able to at one age or another. For mothers and dads, these books also describe the tactics of behavior in raising a child. Of course, there are a lot of useful information in these manuals, but you always need to remember that all children are different and it is quite possible that your child will have his own, different from capital truths, an opinion on a particular issue. No need to blindly follow the rules and standards, give yourself and your child a little freedom, and then you will see that it will be much easier to agree with your child.

Do not consider independent education of a child as a feat

Many mothers make the most important mistake in raising their child. They probably begin to count from fatigue and nervous overvoltage and convince others that it is very difficult and difficult to raise a child that it is just a feat and therefore they sacrifice themselves and certainly expect universal worship, primarily from the child. NO! This is extremely wrong! The education of a child is a happiness that is incomparably with nothing else. Only with this attitude can you raise a full and self -sufficient child. The child should in no case feel like a burden, his emotional and mental state depends on this.

Love your child as he is

Another of the most important mistakes when raising a child is an attempt to constantly remake him. This is especially true for parents whose children require more attention than others. And then mom looking at the peers of her baby, begins to intensively redo her child. This is expressed in punishments, reproaches for poor behavior and comparing with other “good” children. As a result, the child behaves even worse, and parents bring up more strictly. In order to avoid such a situation, love your baby, talk to him and praise him. The child should feel that he is the best for you, then he will be a happy and obedient child.

Of course, raising children is not easy and often requires a lot of effort from us, but learn to be happy parents, then all difficulties will overcome easily and imperceptibly.