The easiest dessert recipe

Anyone loves desserts – sweet dishes after the main. The stores present a wide range of goodies: cakes, sweets of various shapes and with different fillings, many types of cookies, etc. D. But sometimes it’s easier to cook dessert itself, and it turns out tastier. But there are just lovers to cook. In any case, in our article you will find several ways to prepare various desserts.

What is dessert?

Dessert is a dish that is served after eating (after breakfast, lunch or dinner). Usually this order: the first dish (soups), the second and dessert actually. The dessert is not always meant a sweet dish, like ice cream or waffles. It can also be nuts and dried fruits without sugar.

Rafaello recipe

Yes, yes, the same candies of Rafaello, only we will cook them ourselves. The recipe is quite simple. To prepare this treat, take 300 grams of cream waffles and grate them, or crush them in any other way. Add 0, 5 cans of condensed milk to them and mix. Make balls from this mass, put the nut in each candy. The treat is almost ready, it remains only to put it in the refrigerator for 1, 5-2 hours.

Strawberry snowmen

Bright red, fresh and tasty berry-strawberries, can decorate any dessert and is a very popular ingredient in cooking. And it is she who is the basis of the New Year’s dessert called “Strawberry Snowmen”. Mix two tablespoons of powdered sugar with cottage cheese (choose not a very fat variety). Add half a teaspoon of lemon juice and 10 grams of home sour cream (or just thick). Stir everything until smooth with a wooden spoon. We clean the strawberries, mine and make an incision in it, retreating one third from the stalk. This incision using a confectionery syringe add cottage cheese cream. It remains to make eyes from melted chocolate.

Banana dessert

The recipe for banana dessert may well take first place in terms of simplicity of cooking. It is suitable for a romantic evening and for a family dinner.

Clean two bananas and cut into pieces. Roll them in a mixture of sugar and cocoa (for it you will need 2 tablespoons of sugar and 1 teaspoon of cocoa-powder). Now bananas can be decorated with nuts or whipped cream. It will take no more than 20 minutes to prepare this dessert.

Or you can cut bananas into slices (one banana into 12 slices), coat each slice with peanut oil, thus make a “sandwich” out of two slices. String them on special sticks. Then dip in melted chocolate and roll in crushed nuts. It remains to put the dessert in the refrigerator and the treat is ready.

So we learned several recipes for making desserts. A delicious treat, and even easy to prepare, will bring pleasure not only to all family members, but also to a cook who has prepared a dessert. Bon appetit!