The choice of desk for an apartment

The advantage of the desk is a wide countertop on which it is possible to place the right number of documents and textbooks. Based on this, this furniture should be comfortable, and also fit into the overall interior. To select a classic desk, the selection criteria should be width-about 70cm, height-about 75. Such parameters allow us to conveniently sit to read the book or when to write something. When choosing a desk for the above sizes, it must be borne in mind that it will be placed on it: printer, computer or calculator. If there are sliding boxes in the table, as well as additional bedside tables, you need to decide on their depth and the size of the boxes. It is better to choose a desk of a rectangular shape, with rounded edges. A table with a high degree of environmental friendliness, wear -resistant, as well as made of natural materials of a light shade is suitable for a student. This table should also have a large capacity for storing accessories. For a child, it is better to choose a countertop without chips and with an evenly glued edge. It is also necessary to pay attention to all kinds of fittings, such as door handles, wheels for nightstands, they must beat are made of durable materials, and not from aluminum.