The best city car

Our car portal decided to find out which car is best suited for operation in urban conditions. Immediately running ahead, we note that we will consider cars that are suitable for megalopolises with their more or less normal roadways and eternal problems with parking places. Based on this, it is not difficult to guess that the ideal city car can be called compact small. According to data in large cities, one person moves most often in the car, so the economy of the urban car, and the spaciousness retires to the background, is the economy, compactness and cost of maintenance.

Skoda Cityigo and Volkswagen AP are the best suited to the title of the best city car that will appear on sale in 2012. Both cars were developed by the German VAG company on a completely new platform and differ only in the design of the exterior and interior, the rest is almost the same car. CITIGI, as UP, is available on sale, both in three-do-it-yourself body, length 3 540 mm, wheelbase 2,420 mm, width 1,641 mm and height 1,480 mm. Both cars have a 251 -liter trunk, almost the same volume of the new Ford Focus, and if you fold the rear sofa, then the volume will increase to 950 liters. The main advantage of cars, in addition to dimensions, is fuel consumption. Engineers managed to achieve average fuel consumption in 4. 6 liters per 100 km/h.

Hyundai i10 Another small -leaf claims to the title of best city car. Our automobile portal has repeatedly noted that Korean cars have recently gained popularity very quickly and are one of the leaders in the indicators of the best price/quality ratio. Hyundai AI10 is able to boast of a low cost, but unfortunately officially this car is not supplied to Russia. But there is a similar model that is available on the Russian market, we are talking about Kia Picanto. The cost of Pikanto in a three- and five-door body varies in the Russian market within 370,000- 580,000 rubles, depending on the modification and equipment. The Korean low -commissive is equipped with gasoline engines with a volume of 1. 0 and 1. 2 liters. The average fuel consumption is 4. 2 liters in 69 strong engines and 5. 3 liters in 85 strong engines.

The budget class cars were presented above, for car owners who prefer German quality and a recognizable brand, Audi has prepared a small -leaf for A1. Perhaps Audi A1 The most beautiful car in their class, German designers gave small -leafs a formidable and sports appearance, especially emphasize a large grille and LED headlights. In the Russian market, the German low -profile is presented in several equipment and with several types of engines from 1. 2 to 1. 4 liters with a capacity of 86 to 122 liters. With. To become the happy owner of the Audi A1 will have to pay from 812,000 to 920,000 rubles.

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