The best choice of thermal insulation: polyurethane foam

Nowadays there is a very large selection of thermal insulation materials, so before starting insulation, you should choose the best material for thermal insulation. The quality of the material must correspond to many points.

So, high -quality material should be resistant to water, have a slight conductivity of heat, be elastic, when laying form minimal seams or even reduce their presence, the material should be safe and environmentally friendly, interact well with other materials.

Polyurethane foam has all these qualities, recently this material has been very actively used to overlapping the roofs, also a huge plus of this material is that it can be used in the most inaccessible places.

The structure of the material is not porous, which allows the material to retain moisture and not succumb to its effect. Therefore, this material is often used in those places that are considered the most moist, such as roofs and basements.

Its structure is also monolithic, therefore, when laying such a material, you can easily avoid seams and cracks at the joints. Polyurethane foam, very elastic, is rarely exposed to deformation, which means that the term of such material will be long, it will not crack, burst and disperse.

Also, the material is absolutely environmentally friendly, it is made according to European standards, and before letting it into circulation, carefully checked for the presence of toxins. You can safely use such material in any room.

The material itself has a small weight, so when laying as a heater on the roof it does not create excess pressure. It is also worth noting that the material has good steamability, so this is a very good protection for other materials.