The advantages of plastic skirting boards

After the main work with walls, such as painting and pasting, as well as after laying the laminate, the plinth is installed time. Different types of skirting boards can now be installed, with different heights and different relief, from all kinds of materials. A new type of skirting board has recently appeared – plastic, with the so -called “secret” for cables. This type of skirting boards pushed back the popularity of wooden analogues. The advantage of plastic models is that now it is not necessary to completely tear the skirting board to get access to the wiring. Thanks to modern technologies, this material can be given a different pattern, as well as the color of marble, wood or stone. The skirting boards have a rubberized base near the edges, this property allows you to fit the surface of the floor and hide its minor irregularities. The “secret” consists of two parts – the base bar and the cover that closes the cable channel. This solution allows you to well hide the wiring that is located along the walls. Plastic skirting boards are dismantled much easier than wooden or from other material. To install such skirting boards, you need a drill or punch and dowel “Novoseli”. Places of the skirting boards (joints) are hidden by decorative elements – accessories.