Tended semi -trailers

Tended semi -trailers are the most common type of non -mass transport, with which a variety of cargo moves to any of the distances. Each of them can be divided into two main groups – on -board and curtain. Each type of semi -spindle technique with the presence of a tent has a unique design, however, there are many general technical characteristics in which all these types will be united.

This type of technique will most often fall on the task of transporting different cargoes, for which special temperature or other storage conditions are not required. The awning that is made of modern polyvinyl chloride will completely close the body and protect the transported goods from rainwater, snow, wind and sunlight. In addition, the use of the tent excludes random loss of cargo during transportation. As a rule, a tented semi -trailer is an optimal solution for the company, which specializes in intercity or international transportation, for suppliers of logistics services, for a large production association, enterprises of small and medium -sized businesses.

Buy a tent semi -trailer used most often only together with a saddle tractor. Connection with it is carried out using special mechanisms called saddles. Tents are installed on light frames from aluminum tubes. The assembly of the frame becomes fast and simple, two people can easily cope with it.

Their equipment can be very different. They can be mounted on their folding or sliding strands that will be noticeably accelerated, and facilitate the process of loading and unloading goods. The roof of the tent can be soft, stiff or static. It is also possible to install swing gates on the vehicle. For those who plan to transport rolled, reel or bulk cargoes, drinks in packages, it will be useful if you mount special equipment inside the body, which will reliably fix the cargo and will not let it slide on the platforms in the trailer. Work on loading of goods will be significantly facilitated by a device such as hydraulic collection. It is installed on trucks and the hydraulic collection includes two main parts – the pallet and hydraulic drive. A load is laid on the pallet, and the hydraulic drive will raise it to the level of the trailer bottom or lower it to the ground.