Teenage makeup

The question of teenage makeup and today remains one of the most controversial. Professional cosmetologists and dermatologists tirelessly recommend refraining from the use of decorative cosmetics before maturity. However, every younger girl wants to be especially beautiful at school dance evenings, photographs, holidays, and just stand out in the crowd of her classmates. Is there a compromise in this situation?

What should be teenage makeup?

Teenage makeup has one golden rule: maximum naturalness. You can not hide the charm and freshness of youth under a huge amount of adult cosmetics. In adolescence, it is better to devote time to the care and cleansing of the skin than attempts to hide imperfections under powder and blush.

Young skin should not be covered with tons of matting products and powder – this is how it will stop breathing and this can lead to increased adolescence irritation of the skin. It is better in this case to apply a concealer to problem areas and complete tinting, distributing a little crumbly powder across the face.

It is better to abuse the body of decorative makeup as mascara during the ripening of the body. The components contained in most carcasses can not be called useful for the growth and nutrition of eyelashes, so in daily adolescent makeup it is better to cost a simple curlter of cilia, and all kinds of carcasses are postponed for discos and more solemn reasons.

A teenage girl should not abuse lipsticks. On young lips, lipstick looks disgusting in a thick layer. The ideal option for lip maker for a teenager is a delicate transparent lip gloss.

It would be desirable to put backs and cosmetic pencils in a box for several years – black eyeliners are old in front of our eyes, and green and blue look too vulgar against the general background of a young and fresh face.

Basic mistakes in adolescence

1. Excessive passion for sparkles and means with shimmer, as well as an abundance of mother of pearl – such makeup can hardly be called natural and it does not go to young skin. Truights most often look very vulgar in adolescence.

2. Abundance on the face of foundation: creams, powder. With a simple smearing of acne, the problem of skin imperfections is not to solve, on the contrary, excessive use of creams and compact powder can only aggravate irritation and cause the appearance of an even greater rash.

3. Reckless copying in makeup. It is worth remembering your own unique individuality, and inventing your image, to learn how to emphasize the dignity of your face.

Teenage makeup: correct actions

It is important to teach a teenager not only to use any specific means of decorative cosmetics, but also to understand his own image, the desire to express individuality. Let the teenage girl, without fear, experiment with her own makeup. The main task of parents is to teach understanding the boundaries between bold and vulgar makeup, between a beautiful and grotesque way.

It is important not only to apply makeup – it still needs to be removed from the face. And this is also the golden rule that the adolescent should be trained by older households. Understanding hygiene, aesthetics and general principles of makeup will help a teenage girl to use decorative cosmetics and emphasize the young beauty of the face without harm to health and development.