Swing doors

The most common interior doors are swing. They open either out or inside the room. Classify swing doors on single -leaf, bivalve and one and a half -rushed. The swing interior doors gained their widespread due to a number of their advantages. In their design, they use hinges, which is very practical. Such doors are very reliable, provide good sound insulation, harmoniously fit into the interior of any room and are affordable in price.

The main drawback of swing structures is that they require a lot of space to open the wings. This property makes it difficult to use such designs in small apartments. In the manufacture of lobbying canvases, glass, wood, plastic are used. As a rule, the box for such structures is made of wood. To increase tightness, use an additional structure of the structure – threshold. To prevent the penetration of smells and noise, as well as for smooth closure of the door, it is worth using the seal. Single doors are slightly more expensive than single -leaf, but they are able to turn any apartment into a work of art and bring a touch of elegance into the interior. The products of German and Italian masters are particularly practical – such doors not only perform a decorative function, but also have a number of practical advantages: thanks to a special coating and heat treatment, swing doors can serve their owners for more than a dozen years. In addition, German production models are distinguished among other high functionality. Installation and installation of swing doors does not cause any difficulties even in a person who had never done this before. The main thing is to remember the basic rules of the installer of door structures – we must not forget about the dimensions. If you make an error in the calculations, then the swing doors will not close tightly, which will damage the total soundproofing of the room. In addition, an incorrectly installed door over time can sag and leave scratches on the flooring, which is especially unacceptable if you use expensive parquet as a floor covering.