Subaru Forester

A new premiere will soon appear in automobile markets – Subaru Forester! Recently, a test drive of the new Subaru Forester of the fourth generation was held on the Spanish off-road, he went along the pits and ditches, the pursed overhangs and a constant new drive helped him. The new model will compete not only with all -wheel drive, but also with huge crossovers. In this regard, the model added both in length and in a width of 15 mm.

The wheelbase also increased significantly, excess growth went to an increase in the trunk and the distance between the chairs for passengers and the rear seats legs space.

The sightseeing became much better in several steps: the height of the cab has increased because of which the position of the chairs changed, the front stand moved forward, which, among other things, moved the doorway. The rear -view mirrors moved along the door, which is closer to the driver, and minivanous triangles appeared on its glasses.

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Compared to the previous generation, the new Subaru Forester is an unconditional gift, because earlier the mirror over the rack overlaps the review. The torpedo looks quite attractive, everything is sewn tightly, nothing will break and does not fall off. The engine start button switched to the usual place.

The tidy is easily read, but the monochrome display seems to be from the past, and the multimedia system does not differ in modernity, for that it pleases the information display. Particular attention to the new two -liter motor, because in the new product it replaces the former. Its volume is 2, 5 liters.

The new engine is more powerful- 240 horsepower and develops a greater torque, accelerates in 7, 5 seconds. The Kia Cerato test drive in Dubai showed that just as the city of this sedan grew almost from the void.   The image of the new sedan is quite harmonious, there are many pleasant elements to the eye.

There is no doubt that this sedan from the class will be in bestseller, because sales are already growing and growing.   Now, sitting inward, you understand that the car is stuffed with options, there is even seats ventilation and this is only the peak of the iceberg. There is also a leather interior and a rear view camera, heating the rear seats.

Even noise isolation has increased significantly. The machine will be offered with two engines: 1, 6 liters of gasoline and 2 liters of gasoline. A simple option has an automatic gearbox. In the first case, it is 135 horsepower, in the second 150 horsepower.

The price of the car has not yet been set, but the purchase of a two-liter version is likely not to be justified due to the high price. Moreover, the first model of the car will reach us only in the fall, when 1, 6 liter will begin to sell in late spring.

It is difficult to compare the new model with previous ones, this is a completely new improved car. It is impossible to believe that the budget sedan was so handsome.