Stretch ceilings: how to choose the right option?

Many of us buy apartments and live in elite apartments or “Stalinks”. Such living rooms have high ceilings and a large area. In this situation, multi -level stretch ceilings are suitable. They are suitable for large cafes, restaurants and sports rooms.

Those who live in modest small apartments also should not refuse suspended ceilings. The main thing is to choose the right color and texture. Then even in a small apartment due to suspended ceilings you can create a unique style. She will seem more. Do not forget that the design and colors of the stretch ceiling should be combined with the texture and color of the walls and floor.

For example, varnish ceilings reflecting light visually increase the room. Mattevo are also capable of this if you choose the right color and mount several lamps. By the way, a matte ceiling is cheaper than glossy, so it is very popular among customers.

There is another type of tension canvas. They are considered very elegant. Usually they are mounted in those residential and office premises whose owners want to create an atmosphere of sophistication and severity.

Many firms that are engaged in the installation of suspended ceilings offer various design solutions. One of them is photo printing on suspended ceilings. The assortment of the photo print is huge.

You can make the sky with clouds or a starry sky, a forest thicket or even a loved one from a stretch ceiling. Thanks to the photo printing on suspended ceilings, the apartment can turn into a semblance of a forest thicket or, for example, a museum.