Stone or wood

From childhood, we have been taught to the idea that stone houses are better than wooden. Remember the tale of the wolf and three pigs. The stone house turned out to be the most, but let’s objectively see and compare all the advantages and disadvantages of wooden and stone houses.

Let’s start with stone buildings. The first thing that is striking is a fortress, resistance to external factors, as well as resistance to fire. Everything is true, this is the right impression of stone houses. But with all this, there are pitfalls. Brick or foam concrete is a reliable building material, but this reliability should be paid. The price of the construction of stone houses is much higher than the price of wood. Due to the greater severity of the stone relative to the tree, it should be borne in mind that the foundation of the house will have to be made much stronger, and this is also additional costs. In case of fire, your house, of course, will remain in place, but the properties of the stone, from fire, worsen, and repairing such a house, for money, may correspond to the construction of a new house from wood. In addition, the problem of wooden houses is damp. Although foam concrete is an excellent material that “breathes”, but this is still not a tree. And therefore, with non -permanent residence in a stone house, it is almost impossible to quickly heed. Such a procedure requires a day or two, and if you arrived only for the weekend, then this can become a significant problem. A wooden house is, first of all, a feeling of comfort emanating from wood. Finding in a wooden house brings us closer to nature and gives fresh forces. Consider also the economic factor. As mentioned above, prices are not a tree much lower than the price of stone, and in addition to this, the weight of a wooden house is less and that means the base of the house will require lower costs than when building a stone. The main disadvantage of a wood at home is his fear of fire. But the wood perfectly stores heat, and heating such a house passes quickly.